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Photo of a large room furnished with antique furniture. Sunny light fills the room. The wallpaper is cream with a gold floral repeating pattern.  Most of the wooden floor is covered by a dark blue carpet with a red border and floral patterns. In the center of the room is a round table of dark wood and four delicate, curving chairs with embroidered floral seats in red, yellow, and black.  A brass teapot and burner sit on the table. To the right, a mannequin in a blue skirt and jacket with a cream lace blouse stands by a fireplace.  On the mantle sit small, Greek style sculptures and a floral decoration made of tiny seashells.  Along the back wall of the room is a large dark wooden hutch filled with china, and a large music box. A blue chaise longue sofa sits in the corner with a portrait hanging above showing the head and shoulders of a white man dressed in a black suit from the early 1800s with a thick white cravat. To the left side of the room a small piano and stool is just visible. Through an open doorway you can see through the hall and into the dining room beyond.

Clifton Museum Park will open for the season on June 1st.

  • Staff are happy to make accommodations to fit your needs such as
    • Speaking louder/slower
    • Reading text, describing visuals
    • Making rooms darker
    • Avoiding loud noises
    • Rest stops and seating
  • Photography is welcome and encouraged in the museum.
  • Staff are available to give personalized tours and demonstrate artifact secrets.
  • Visitors are welcome to explore the museum on their own, from the attic tower to the basement kitchen.
  • Rooms are open to visitors, letting you get up close to the artifacts.
  • Our children’s room has a variety of wooden toys, colouring sheets, and paper dolls to entertain younger visitors.
  • Three gender-neutral, single-stall washrooms are available in the museum during open hours.
  • Free public wi-fi is available in the museum and outdoors at nearby picnic tables.
  • The Birthplace of Hockey Museum is located in one wing of Clifton Museum.